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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 23, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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bridge one of the bridges under a wind advisory. >> yes it is breezy right now. we have -- right new we are showing...16 17, a couple minutes ago i had 19 miles per hour reading. probably about two minutes ago the water from the bay came up here to the motorcycle trail and it blew up so obviously, very windy this morning as people are going to drive across a lot of bridges. the california highway patrol issued the winter weather advisory for the brick the bay bridge the richmond and san rafael and highway 580 the altamont pass. the san mateo bridge from hayward, you can see c.h.p. is advising drivers to be extra careful and keep both hands on the wheel. the winds whipped you on the bay yesterday at 11:30 in the morning with a canoe carrying six people took on water. it capsized 50 san francisco's crissy field during the high winds. the coast guard vessel rescued
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all six. no one was hurt. it is not known why the boat was taking on water. the wind was strong. there were small craft advisories for the bay. in fosterty the winds are keeping the temperatures up and the last reading was 54 degrees. however, as we take a look at the miles per hour for the winds you can see we are at 15 13, 14 miles per hour. really it is gusty this morning. >> matt, thank you very much. >> it is 4:31. dock workers are at the port of oak this morning after a dispute over break times led to another work stoppage. the pacific maritime association which represents the shipping companies, should a statement saying an arbitrator ruled that longshoremen were conducting illegal work stoppages and they say they were locked out. that led to a disruption of work that lasted nearly the entire
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day. truckers are lined up this morning for the hauls. all west coast ports are bursting with cargo because of the month's long labor dispute. a tentative agreement was reach over the weekend. >> the morning after the oscars on abc7. in addition to the big winners many of the biggest stars used the oscar platform to keep of causes dear to their heart. we are on the red carpet at the theater in hollywood with a look at oscars highs and lows. mary? good morning, kristen. what an exciting night it was. so much laughter and emotion at the biggest night does not disappoint. >> look, it is great to be here who am i kidding. >> "birdman" a comedy of a fading super hero took home top honors winning best picture and best director. >> 87th academy award hosted
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for the first time by neil patrick harris. as much broadway as hollywood. it was a night full of jaw dropping moments. lead gaga like you have never seen before. and raw emotion. john legend performed oscar award winning song from "sole "selma." >> who is the most famous you are looking for tonight? >> ed norton right over there. >> later channeling a half naked birdman and no big upsets, j.k. simmons winning best supporting for "whiplash," famous for insurance commercials >> boyhood patricia arquette took host best supporting. >> our time to have wage equality once and for all and
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equal rights for women in the united states of america. >> best actress was to julianne moore for "still alice," and eddie redmayne winning best act report for his portrayal seven hawkings. >> now even though they are cleaning up from the big show the parties will continue well and the morning, even a little rare rain cannot dampen the oscar spirit. >> eric? back to you. >> after the show a last celebrities made their way to the after party the governor's ball best actress flashed a smile holding on to the statue and j.f.k. victim mops
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simmons was there, as well and patricia arquette was one who got on oscar engraved with her name. >> movie fans celebrated oscar night tradition raising money to fight hiv and aids. living oscar statues greeted party goers at the gala in san francisco and some posed with a wax figure of the oscar host neil patrick harris. it is getting harder to raise money for aids and history. >> people live longer now with hiv and aids because of the drugs out there. so it is becoming less popular. that is why it is so important we are able to raise money. >> the academy began as a small oscar party 35 years ago and has grown over the years raising $8 million
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in an hour at 5:30 katie marzullo will join us from hollywood with the oscars most unforgettable moments. >> it is now 4:36. a man is under arrest for allegedly problemming a girl scout selling cookies in san jose. police say yesterday, he grabbed a cab box great a 10-year old girl in front of the safeway and police spotted his car arrested him. he was booked into jail. the money and the cash box were returned to the ex-girlfriend scout troop. >> and the giants have a player back on the field as position players return to spring training return after two stent were senatorred near his heart. he cannot work out for a few weeks but other than that, the 59-year-old said he is feeling
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great. he had two blood vessels that were 90 percent blocked. >> today the state department of health is expected to release new numbers in a measles outbreak. 149 patients in eight states canada and mexico are infected with 123 in california. officials say that 39 measles cases are directly linked to visitors or employees as disneyland. a bill is making its way through the state senate that would eliminate the personal belief exemption for those who do not want their children vaccinated. >> stepped up security after a throat against malls here in the united states. al-qaeda's affiliate in somalia released a video on saturday calling on extremists to attack western malls including those in the u.k. and canada and the united states, the video specifically urges violence at the country's biggest shopping center, the mall of america in minnesota. the video also warned of more attacks like the september 2013
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assault at a mall in kenya that left 67 people dead. >> today is ready to be another messy day for air travel with 1,200 flights canceled across the nation because of winter storms according to flight tracking service www. www.flightaware. at sfo 18 flights have been canceled. in san jose, eight. so far no cancellations at oakland airplane. many cancellations involve flights in and out of dallas-ft. worth ahead of an ice storm expected to hit the area today. announce, the weather forecast. it is breezy. >> it is breezy here. that is what is going to be our big issue. you can see the pink and the white around dallas which is a winter mix of sleet, freezing rain and snow and atlanta is getting wet weather right now. the storm track across the southern tier states this morning. at home, the wind has kept us mild and low-to-mid 50s at
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west portal, and the bayview is 56 and 54 in fairfield and ferry into downtown and through the financial district is 53, and joining us, and richmond, and walnut creek and also, union city and palo alto and 50 in pleasanton and pittsburgh, and american canyon and 50 in pacifica so dress accordingly. you can see the winds on the ferry ending, they are unfurled because of the south winds that are around for the better part of the day and at lunch they will taper and we will be mainly in the low-to-mid 60 today. moving forward, you can see we have a little bit of a warming trend, low-to-upper 50s tuesday and wednesday and 70s on thursday and in search of the welcome forecast coming up. >> and richmond and san rafael toll plaza have a winter weather advisory but traffic does not seem to mine. we have traffic at the toll plaza move without problems
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. the city council will meet in closed session to discuss a real estate deal that will keep embattled doctor's medical center open. doctors, the only public hospital in west contra costa county, is in severe financial trouble and could run out of cash by the end of the month. in january the city sent a letter of interest offering to buy the hospital and surrounding properties for $11 million. under that proposal the difficult would lease the hospital back to the county's health care district for a dollar a year. >> oscar night was a special night for a pair of twins from hose. the twins held roles in "american sniper," which got an award for sound editing.
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we watched the oscars with the family. "birdman". >> six-year-old twins were sad their movie "american sniper," did not win best picture but having their kids in a film has been amazing experience. >> i have on oscar contact, and i cannot believe that my kids are in a movie that i am circling on a ballot that i hope win. super crazy. >> they last their san jose home and were four days on the set of "american sniper." aiden is the son of bradley cooper and madeleine, his daughter. >> i like working with bradley cooper. it was fun. >> what is cool about this oscar thing? >> i made a movie. >> "american sniper," opened up a lot of opportunities for the twins so much their manager is
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having an easier time getting auditions. >> after "american sniper," well, they say okay. >> there are no plans to move to los angeles but despite the long drive, their parents are committed to seeing how far their children coughs careers can go. >> they have had these experiences and you want them to have the neatest response they can have and this is pretty special. >> >> special indeed six-year-old twins making their mark in hollywood. and another may not have been nominated but she is in the running dress. >> absolutely. stunning in this beaded gown with 6,000 beads and show said believe it or not the dress is quite comfortable. and lopez turned heads in a sparkle gown that and dripping in sequins.
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did you see lady gaga? she arrived on the red carpet in a glittery number but it is the red gloves that lit up the social media. some tweeted that gaga just got done washing dishes. she is always dressed to is a little shock value. >> people were impressed with the voice this career in in -- this year in a range that maybe some did not expect. >> we will check with the weather and mike who has a range that is infinite. >> did i save myself? >> i heard someone swinging in the back grand. our fastest winds are inland, and fairly is at 23 degrees or 23 miles an hour and we have mountain view at 20, and half moon bay at 13, and that does not give you an idea of what the gusts are, they have been around 40 to 50 miles per hour, and from mt. diablo an 60 miles per hour so it has been a very noisy
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night governor some of us and you will be damaging debris this morning in the form of tree limbs and leaves all over the ground in many areas so be aware of that. i have not heard of any power outages or trees downed. it is still possible through 10:00 this morning. what it did do is chased away any moisture whatever and clouds and we are talking about really bone dry air. if that bars your sinuses or maybe your skin, it is really dry, it will be that way for 24 to 48 hours. here is the fastest winds walnut creek is showing pretty clear conditions, and relatively calm at least this camera could anchored better than our other ones. it will be sunny today and windy this morning to breezy this afternoon, and the winds will taper a little bit in the afternoon, so driving a high-profile vehicle this is the most challenging this morning, clear and caucusser with the dry air 30's and 40s back in the forecast tonight so
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the heat are may run a little bit and we have a chance of light, extremely light showers friday and saturday what you are notice this weekend, a big cooling trend coming our way. today, we are right around the low 60s loan the coast and richmond is 62 and along with san mateo and otherwise a lot of mid-60s and a few areas where the down sloping northeast winds will warp us in places like oak at 68 and fremont at around 66. notice, the temperatures tonight, we are mostly in the 50s this morning and we are in the mid-30s and upper 30s in the north bay valleys to low 40s and upper 30's in palo alto, san jose, morgan morgan hill and mid-30s to the coast. our driest air is tomorrow so a cool spot will warm nicely and a few high clouds on wednesday and our warmest day is thursday, mid-60s to low 70s and the system comes in with a chance of light showers friday and saturday and
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>> from emeryville you can see a bouncing up-and-down, and it is windy out there, but especially when you get on to the bridge you are going to feel the blustery conditions so gusty and that is why c.h.p. has issued a high wind advisory across the bay area including the bay area, and richmond-san rafael bridge and the altamont pass if you are driving through those areas just be very careful. we do have some construction in the bay area and not too much this morning, i think they have a day off because of the oscars and because it is after sunday we have a couple of projects going on and this and northbound 880 between washington and marina we have a lane blocked until 5:00 so cones are being picked up with top speeds everywhere and 680 southbound walnut creek to dublin is nothing but green and 15 minutes and 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is 52 minutes and through the santa cruz mountains into los gatos
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not were time at all. >> today, all tube is launching an app designed for your kids. >> here is the technical bits. >> today, youtube for kids. today it is launching a youtube kids app for droid devices. >> apple only allows child safe content from stabbed shows and has a timer that does not have comments. >> samsung ripping up the hype for the new galaxy s6 which is launched on march 1 as expected to be available in april. indications are that it will have a curved all metal design. >> if you were tweeting last night during the academy award you were not alone. it shows the volume of tweets around the world in real time. >> most tweeted moment was lady gaga, the jaw dropping performance of songs from "the sound of music," joined on stage by julianne -- by julie
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>> a favorite moment. >> action transit is rolling out a measure bus today and coming up the special view of the passing scenery. >> a sinkhole opens up outside a train station and unlucky as juries who discovered it the hard way. >> stay
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>> movie stars are known for wearing glamorous jewelry but one had a global scientific breakthrough before the awards. during a preoscar event patricia arquette wore a laboratory cultivated pure grown diamond. the company provides the video and said it is the largest laboratory diamond, pure grown worked with several stylists and clients on the red carpet and are sold in the bay area
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including at brilliant earth in san francisco. creating them involved carbon atoms and pressure and heat. >> what is produces is identical physically and chemically to a stone you would find made in nature. >> especially beautiful because no children die god this diamond and there no slave wages paid to people for this diamond, it was a working wage paid to create this diamond. that is about love. >> sounds socially conscious. >> laboratory diamonds cost about 35 percent less than natural diamonds and her diamond is just over three carot runs $25,000. >> most natural diamond are forced to be a shape in pressure over 35 million years. >> mike?
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>> pretty impressive. impressive too, the winds all the way do gilroy and to the snow small county coast. wherever you see yellow, that is where we will have a north wind at 15- to 30-miles per hour with gusts at 40 to 50 miles per hour until 10:00 this morning for the entire morning commute. if you head through the grape vine we have snow and winter weather advisory until 10:00 this morning. a couple of inches are possible as the system continues to spin down here. we could have snow showers as far north as yosemite today. mid-60s for most of the south of southern california through the central valley and sacramento and chico at 37 in lake tahoe. safe travels. now at home. leyla? >> if you are in the north bay use 128 at spencer lane we do have some 56s that are in the lanes at intersection of sanitarium and deer park road and we have a tree down so the
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winds are causing problems. walnut creek shows things are calm as you make the drive south out of pleasant hill to walnut creek with the tail lights pushing and not too bad as we look at the drive on the peninsula away from sfo, 101 is at top speed and coming up to the 280 extension and as the hospital curve in delays and only takes you nine or ten minutes from sfo to third street. thank you, 4:56, a new kind of a.c. transit bus is seen on east bay streets starting today, a double-decker the 42' bus seats 80 and will make the first cruise on the line and you from fremont to sanction ford part of a three week pilot program gaging customer reaction and decide whether the bus will be a permanent addition to the fleet. >> two people were injured after falling into a sinkhole in south korea. >> look at this surveillance video you can see them getting off the train or bus and then the platform gives way and the two suffered minor injuries and
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were treated and released from the hospital. >> my goodness. >> licky it was minor. >> enjoy, we are following breaking news in the bay area with a dramatic end to a police stand off. >> reaction to the largest water providers considering to try to put a cap on water thieves. >> now looking at eastern span of the bay bridge with a wind ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> back to work monday morning is just about 5:00 a.m. and we
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thank you for waking up early and joining us. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> when you wake up you may have to clear the debris off the car or driveway or drive around debris on the roads with wind gusts up to 25 in napa and 28 at concord and 17 minute at half moon bay. the wind are blowing offshore and bringing in the dry air mass. no clouds today just windy through lunch and then it and breezy with the day planner at 56 to 60 at noon. up to 66 at 4:00. when the sun sets the winds will be calm and cooler weather and maybe frost on the way. now the bridges? >> we have high wind advisories and i saw debris in my driveway and here is a look at the


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